YUMY Chatbot Review

YUMY Chatbot Review

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YUMY is a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, which makes it easier to find new places for food. According to the developers of this chatbot, it is a master of food. Due to this very reason, the chatbot will change the way you think and perceive food forever. As you keep using YUMY, food will become your number one love. Does this chatbot have what it takes to make food interesting for all those who wish to use its features? Will YUMY be different from other chatbots?


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YUMY is a chatbot, which uses Facebook Messenger as its primary platform to connect with users. Due to this reason, you must activate the chatbot, before you can start using any of its features. Upon selecting “Get Started,” the chatbot displays the following options:


  • Home
  • Hangouts Nearby
  • Wanderlust
  • Taste Buds
  • Ask Anything


When you select “Home,” it will direct you back to the main menu, where you can select other options. Under “Hangouts Nearby,” the chatbot will ask you to share your current location. For example, let’s say you are at Queenstown, in Singapore. The chatbot will suggest restaurants such as 21 On Rajah, Cedele, Waffletown, Café De Hong Kong, Starbucks, The Clue-less Goat, and Matsuo Sushi Restaurant. One interesting thing to note about this chatbot is that it gives you the average rating of the restaurant. It will give you the location, along with the type of cuisine. Also, you get two options, “Check it out,” and “Share.”


The first option “Check it out,” the chatbot gives you additional information about the restaurant, such as the average cost of a meal for two diners, exact location, what people said, and pictures of the restaurant/food. You can check out what is on the menu of the restaurant so that you know what to order before you visit the place. It will also give you the directions to the restaurant so that you don’t get lost. On top of that, the chatbot also shows you some of the reviews left by previous customers.


When you select “Wanderlust,” the chatbot will ask you to select from the following choices:


  • Lounge
  • Pub
  • Quick Bits
  • Casual Dining
  • Bar
  • Food Court
  • Hawker Center
  • Bakery
  • Fine Dining
  • Dessert Parlour


Depending on what you select, the chatbot will suggest appropriate places. For example, when you select “Bakery,” YUMY shows places such as Chateraise, Fabulous, DeliSnacks, and Baker’s Villee to name a few.


Under “Taste Buds,” you get the following options:


  • All
  • Chinese
  • Café
  • Bakery
  • Japanese
  • Singaporean


In other words, the chatbot will show restaurants, based on your interests and preferences. For starters, if you select “All,” the chatbot suggests Cut By Wolfgang Puck, Fratini La Trattoria, Colony, Bread Street Kitchen, and Mtr Singapore.


The last option “Ask Anything,” allows you to search for restaurants, according to what you type in the chatbox. For example, if you want to find out about all the Italian restaurants near your location, you can just type, “Italian Restaurants nearby.” Similarly, you can conduct other types of research. Let’s say that you want to search for places according to the type of cuisine. In such cases, you can just type, “Places where I can have Indian,” and the chatbot will show you accordingly. You  get the luxury of looking for restaurants, based on location by typing, “Show me some bakeries around Singapore.” If you want to find only the top restaurants in any location, just add the word “best” at the start of your search.


You can use the chatbot to get the menu of any restaurant near your locality. Let’s find out if this feature works on this chatbot. When you type “menu of Starbucks,” the chatbot will display cards about this coffee shop. However, if you want to take a look at the menu, you will have to select “whats on the menu” from the card.


When you type “Give me the directions to Starbucks,” the chatbot displays a card. Upon clicking the option “Find the way,” the chatbot opens a separate tab, where it gives you directions to Starbucks with the help of Google Maps.




YUMY is a great food chatbot that has the right features, making it stand out from the rest of the competition. Even though the chatbot takes three to five seconds to show any result, it gives all the information you need about the restaurant. Whether you want to know about the menu, the average cost for two, directions, or reviews about the place, the chatbot will help you out. You can even take a look at some of the pictures of the restaurant, allowing you to decide whether you want to visit the place or not. The chatbot helps you find places according to cuisine and your preferences in taste.


If you wish to give this chatbot a shot on Facebook Messenger, head to this link!


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/itsyumy/


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