Zo Chatbot Review

Zo Chatbot Review

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Developed by Microsoft for Facebook Messenger and Kik Messenger, Zo is the successor of the company’s Tay.ai chatbot.  Zo aims to be a better social chatbot than its counterpart, Tay.ai. Will the chatbot live up to our expectations or is it just a marketing gimmick? Let’s take a look.

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Microsoft designed Zo like a comedian so that it can entertain its users while conversing with the chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Kik Messenger. Microsoft hopes Zo does better than its counterpart, Tay.ai as they had to shut down Tay.ai after the users taught it how to spew sexist and racist comments. Unlike most of the chatbots available on the market, Zo is an AI chatbot with emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient (IQ).

Zo learns from its conversations with its users so that it can respond intelligently and emotionally, providing a different viewpoint. Unlike its counterpart, Zo has a lot more checks and balances to prevent its users from exploiting the innocent chatbot.

To start conversing with Zo, you have to head to head to its official page to get the link to the chatbot. On Facebook Messenger, you have to select ‘Get Started’ to start a conversation with Microsoft’s new chatbot. The chatbot will introduce itself by telling you what it is capable of doing. When you use Zo on Facebook Messenger or Kik Messenger, you agree with Microsoft’s terms and conditions. If you want to view the terms and conditions on Facebook Messenger, you have to type ‘terms’ on the chat.

As Zo is an AI, the chatbot has natural language processing included in its programming. Natural language processing means that the chatbot will be able to understand anything and everything we say, including keywords. You can pretty much talk to Zo about any topic that comes to your mind. However, Microsoft kept a few restrictions on Zo to prevent the chatbot from learning racist and sexist comments. As a result of this, you can’t talk about sensitive topics such as politics to Zo. The moment you try talking about something Microsoft flagged, the chatbot will inform you that it won’t talk about that particular topic. No matter how much you try, the chatbot will refuse to share its opinions. In fact, if you go too far, the chatbot will stop talking to you for a minute, till you feel bad for your actions.

You can have an engaging and entertaining conversation with Zo. The chatbot will always try to be humorous in all types of conversations, so brace yourself. The chatbot will also try to pick on you with sharp remarks, which are quite hilarious. You can also send pictures and GIFS to the chatbot for reactions.

Microsoft also added a couple of extra features to make the chatbot more entertaining. If you want a good laugh, you can ask Zo for a joke. It’s hard to say where Zo picked up its jokes because they are quite good. You can also ask the chatbot to make difficult questions. If you want the chatbot to make this kind of decisions, you have to ask it ‘would you rather’ questions. You can also play a game of pop quiz with the chatbot by typing ‘Play Emoji that Song’ in the chat. Last but not least, you can also ask Zo to read your fortune with the help of emojis. If you want to do this, you just have to type “Tell my fortune”.


Overall, Zo is a brilliantly designed social AI chatbot available on Facebook Messenger and Kik Messenger. Due to its natural language processing, the chatbot can understand anything you say. On top of that, the chatbot is witty and humorous.

You should give Zo a try on Facebook Messenger or Kik Messenger because it is brilliant!


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